Rams Juniors Volleyball

The senior varsity volleyball members who wins this award exemplifies altruistic spirit and also contributed greatly to the current and future success of SE Polk Volleyball. She demonstrates strength of character, regardless of wins and losses.

The member who wins this award will have their name engraved on the plaque and will receive a small award to keep in honor of this accomplishment (as shown on the right).​


  • 2019 - Katelyn Wright
  • 2020 - TBD

Jessica Shnurmann Award

Scholarships & Awards

                                                  SEP Volleyball Scholarship

                                                                                             AMOUNT:        $606
                                                                                             FREQUENCY:   1 per year
                                                                                             CHOOSEN:       By Dollars for Scholars Committee

The Southeast Polk (SEP) Volleyball Family (coaches and alumni) created this scholarship based on promoting a family environment of giving back to the program and enabling others to enjoy this lifelong experience as we have. We wish to recognize a senior SEP volleyball player pursuing post high school education (2 or 4 years) who has been committed to giving their time and talents to the future of SEP volleyball and has left the program in a better place. Activities could include assisting at volleyball camps, training sessions, coaching, management, administrative tasks, etc.

To qualify a candidate must have completed at least 2 years of high school volleyball at SEP including their senior year and have given their time and talents towards improving various aspects of the SEP Volleyball program.

Can you answer "Yes" to both of the following statements:

  1. I have completed at least two years of high school volleyball at Southeast Polk, including my senior year.  AND...
  2. I have given back to the Southeast Polk Volleyball Program through my time and talents.

Please describe how you have given back to the Southeast Polk Volleyball Program.


  • 2019 - Isabel Wilson
  • 2020 - TBD