Rams Juniors Volleyball

To help keeps costs low, we ask teams to help with setup and tear down and to make sure that their areas are as clean as when they arrive. On the schedule, teams will be assigned for each of these duties.

Warm-up balls will be provided at the Junior High!

We are not allowed to have concessions so please remind your parents to simply provide a healthy snack they can quickly eat between matches.

NOTE:  There are NO ADMISSIONS FEES ... yeah!!!

12u/11u League (Sundays)


The goal of this league is for the kids to have fun and to keep playing volleyball. We want the kids to come back! Our League adheres to the 12 and Under Special Rules as established by the Iowa Region and USA Volleyball.

NUMBER OF PLAY DATES - we have the gym for 8 weeks and in general teams will play 7 out of those eight weeks with 1 bye. On occasion a team may get two byes. The last week is reserved for a Madhatter style tournament where all teams participate.

T-SHIRTS - we have a contest each year and ask the players to submit t-shirt designs. The winning design is printed on a shirt that is given to each player on each team, including coaches. The winning design also receives two extra shirts, the coach gets a new backpack, and Six will bake cookies for the winner's team!!!

SEEDING - Mid-way through the season we will try to "seed" teams based on level of play so that teams of like level can continue completely the last several weeks.


We have an 11u and a 12u division. Depending on the number of teams we strive to run the following format as it allows for the maximum amount of play time, yet doesn't require players, families and coaches to have to burn an entire day as you would with a typical 4 team pool play.

  • WAVE 1
  • Teams play in pools of three and either play or ref for three matches. (2 games to 18 or 21)
  • Once that pool is finished, teams are re-pooled into a different pool of three and they play or ref again for those three matches. (2 games to 18 or 21)
  • When finished, they will have played four matches and reffed two matches and this concludes volleyball for those teams who are free to go home.
  • WAVE 2
  • Rinse and repeat for the next set of teams.
  • As you can see, the kids get a lot of court time, yet don't have to sit on a floor all day.


We appreciate standard scoring, but given the limited amount of time, we use a tick sheet and flip score. Makes it simple and avoids all unnecessary time delays you incur with errors at this age group. Reffing is the same as in USA Volleyball. An Up, Down, 2 line judges, and 2 or 3 three at the score table.

COST - is typically $300 or a little under.


Southeast Polk Junior High
8325 NE University Avenue
Pleasant Hill, IA  50327 (4 Courts)

Setup/Tear Down & Concessions