Rams Juniors Volleyball



This is a fun charity we began donating to beginning in 2019. It's based off of Six's inability to properly remember properly. As such, every time Six calls a player by the wrong name, he puts a quarter into a bank. At the end of the varsity season he donates that amount to Sheltered Reality. Katelyn Wright helped initiate this cause and chose Sheltered Reality as the recipient.

Sheltered Reality was founded in late 1996 as a non-profit organization using music and education to reach out to audiences motivating them to advocate for those in need. The messages that are presented focus on facts and real-life stories from members that culminate in character education and ideas for action. Topics include personal empowerment, success at living out life dreams, as well as anti-bullying and other negative impacts on today's youth. This unique, percussive approach to performing challenges all to take what you love and share it, impacting others in a positive way.

  • 2019 - $44.50


We believe that being active in the community is an important aspect for any team.   The Rams participate in several ways and we are always looking for other opportunities to give back. Go Rams!

Below is a list of things we do or have done in the past ...

  • Annual food drive for Caring Hands
  • Food Bank of Iowa
  • Blankets for the homeless shelter
  • Annual cleanup of Village Park
  • Spend time with area Residence Hall
  • Annual Homecoming Parade
  • Altoona Palooza Mud Volleyball Tournament

I honestly can't remember when we started bringing food to Caring Hands from items brought to our annual club meeting, but it's a great feeling knowing that this is tradition that we hope to continue for years to come.

I thought it might be fun to actually track how much we give in hopes of improving each year. Now I know the weight of the food isn't a perfect indicator of what was donated, but it's a good barometer ...

  • 2020 - TBD
  • 2019 - 343 lbs