Rams Juniors Volleyball

Brandy played college volleyball as a middle blocker at Indian Hills Community College, and then at Iowa Wesleyan College, where she was a 2-year All-Conference Volleyball and Academic All-American. This is Brandy's 5th season with the Rams! 

Favs - spending time with her family (Shawn, Devin, Tiffany, Greyson), riding horses, hunting, and mentoring hedgehogs.

Bruce was introduced to volleyball in college, and played more volleyball a week than he did going to classes. He was very instrumental creating our older Average Joes Boys team. 
Favs - photography, flying, and owner of the first chicken dance team.

Courtney is another SEP Alumni and will be on her 4th year. She played volleyball for Grand View University and dominated the front row with her 6'2" presence.

Favs - teaching, combing the beach for shells, and being a mud volleyball instructor. (Bliss)

Allie is another SEP Alumni and this will be her 5th year helping the little Rams turn into big Rams :-). She specializes in working with children and loves to share her excitement of this sport with our new players. 

Favs - being a nanny, spending time with family, and tutoring cats on how to use their nine lives affectively. (Shrumdog)

Kelsey has been with us for 3 years and has been helping with her sister Kylie. What a team!!! She's also a product of Nebraska volleyball and it's fun to watch them coaching together!

Favs - time with her daughter Khloe, anything to do with horses and extreme tree trimming.

Kylie is an alumni of SEP Volleyball and super dedicated coach and volleyball nut!!! This will be Kylie's 8th year and she's a product of Nebraska volleyball which explains why volleyball is in her blood. 

Favs - anything to do with horses, checkers, and officiating spelling Beeeeees.

Marlon has played volleyball since he was 11 years old in his home country of Guatemala. He continues to play in different leagues throughout the metro area. Marlon will be in his 4th year of coaching with the Rams.
Favs - his family, swimming, playing volleyball, and making elaborate tooth pick sculptures.

Zach is another SEP Alumni and seems right at home coaching. Zach is on his second year with the Rams!! He currently plays volleyball for Grand View University and helps with the school whenever time permits. 

Favs - baseball, football, volleyball, cricket, horseshoes, bocce ball, tennis, golf, bags, cycling, hiking, softball, rugby, frisbee golf, soccer, lawn darts, canoeing, fishing, hunting, kayaking, equestrian, pole vaulting and duck duck goose.


Our coaches dedicate a lot of time and energy to helping players improve their skills and to make the club season a positive and fun experience. They have a wealth of experience, both playing and coaching, and look forward to transferring their love and knowledge of the game. Please take note of the number of SEP Alumni who have come back . . . what an honor!!!!!

Wally is going on 5 years with the Rams and enjoys sharing his love of the game with the Boys on the Average Joes teams. He played volleyball at ISU and still has the hardest hit that Six has ever witnessed.

Favs - his family, engineering, being silly, and weightlifting using odd objects like snow plow equipment.

Amanda has been coaching for 12 years and playing for 17 years. She is our first Alumni Coach and is now a Club Director for the Rams! She finished her collegiate career at Grand View University as a Libero and/or back row specialist. Favs - her hubby Bobby, Gunner (her LITTLE German Shepherd), tree climbing and teaching deer to dance. (Jell)

Laura will be coaching her 4th year and is a great addition to the coaching staff. She loves to play whenever she can and does her best to keep Amanda in line!!

Favs - her hubby Jason, fishing, running, and face painting with her toes. 

Hollie is another SEP Alumni and this is her 7th year coaching. She played volleyball at Central College and now works for Mercy. Her specialty is hitting so WATCH OUT!!!!

Favs -  family, her hubby Tyler (still newly weds!!), and teaching Turtles how to play volleyball.

Jolie is on her 5th year with the Rams and a key reason we have the 12 and under Average Joes Boys team. She's a diehard Hawkeye and keeps Wally in line!!!

Favs - her family, 2 woolly mammoth dogs, science, and engineering a chicken to lay volleyballs.

Brooke is now in her 5th year with the Rams and is another SEP Alumni! She was an outstanding middle hitter for SEP and has been a great addition to the coaching staff.

Favs - photography, watching CSI, and cataloging finger prints of endangered North American butterflies.

Darren graduated from UNI and is on his 4th year. Has been playing volleyball for 20+ years, but not quite long enough to have used watermelons. He's an unfortunate ISU fan, but we still love having him coach :-).

Favs - his family, fishing, consoling other ISU fans, and mastering the sport of gurning.

Past Coaches

Bud has been playing volleyball for almost as long as Jim and it's rumored that he helped transition the game from watermelons to actual volleyballs. This will be his 8th year with the Rams. 

Favs - spending time with his family, playing golf, bungee jumping and face cliff diving.

Deb has been coaching now for 10th years. She helps out with just about everything and her bonus sewing skills have saved the club lots of moola as she repairs the ball carts every year. Fun fact - Deb has her 1st degree black in Tae Kwon Do.

Favs - watching her daughter play volleyball at Luther College, scrapbooking, and planting Hens and Chickens!

Rob has been with us for 4 years now and going strong. He enjoys beating his daughter in volleyball whenever he can, but that soon will end as she's quickly out pacing him :-).
Favs - spending time with his family, beach volleyball, long naps, and enjoy the Art of Bonsai.

Emily is another SEP Alumni and this will be her 5th year helping with the Rams Volleyball club. She loves making the game fun and helping the girls develop into great young ladies. Fun fact - Emily is a Mermaid when in water!!

Favs - swimming, reading and playing on the USA Olympic Underwater volleyball team. (Bowers)

John will be on his second year and is doing his best to keep Schwake in line and on task. Occasionally you hear "I need a little bit more out of you Jim" ... and then Schwake is back on task!!! Great job John.

Favs - time with his wife April, playing volleyball, hiking and teach crickets how to play the National Anthem.

Alyssa is another SEP Alumni and this will be her 11th year with the Rams. At SEP she led the team and league in digs. Favs - her SMALL dog "Bo", remodeling homes, long walks along Iowa's premier beaches and learning the ancient art of Chinese face reading. (Hyler)

Matt was the founder of the Rams Juniors club team and Director of the adult Spiking Rhinos Men’s team. He won a Meritorious Service Award from the Iowa Region for all his hard work and loves teaching volleyball. 

Favs - Claire (new baby girl), wifey Katie, psychology, watching the Vikings, edging, and teaching fish to blow bubbles.  (Parks)

Jim has reffed, played, and we're pretty sure he actually created the game ... back in the day when they had to use hollowed out watermelons for balls. This will be Jim's 10th season with the Rams.

Favs - discussing history and watching football with Ben & Adam, his wife Chris and cleaning TP from his roof. (River)